2024 Audi Environmental Foundation Scholarships: Empowering Young Leaders for Sustainable Change

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2024 Audi Environmental Foundation Scholarships

Seize the opportunity to drive positive environmental change with the 2024 Audi Environmental Foundation Scholarships. This fully funded initiative, in collaboration with One Young World, invites 15 inspiring young leaders to attend the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montréal, Canada, focusing on innovative solutions to tackle the climate crisis.

2. About:

The 2024 Audi Environmental Foundation Scholarships aim to empower young leaders actively addressing the complexities of environmental challenges. With a focus on innovative technologies, climate education, and ecosystem preservation, this collaboration with One Young World seeks to inspire and support positive change in the face of pressing global issues.

3. General Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be aged 18 to 30, with a demonstrated commitment to delivering positive change. Nationals from all countries are invited to apply, provided they showcase a capacity for leadership, an understanding of key global issues, and a track record of generating impactful and innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

4. Geographic Focus:

Open to applicants from all nations, the 2024 Audi Environmental Foundation Scholarships have a global reach. Emphasizing the collaborative nature of addressing environmental issues, the initiative welcomes young leaders from diverse geographical backgrounds to contribute to the global dialogue on sustainability.

5. Benefits:

Selected scholars will enjoy access to the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montréal, including hotel accommodation, participation in a pre-event by Audi AG and the Audi Environmental Foundation, and coverage of travel costs. The scholarship encompasses catering, ensuring scholars’ well-being with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with transportation between the Summit accommodation and venue.

6. Application Page URL:

For detailed application guidelines and to apply for the 2024 Audi Environmental Foundation Scholarships, visit Scholarship Application.

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