Kofi Annan 2024 Award for Innovation in Africa: Empowering Social Entrepreneurs

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Kofi Annan 2024 Award for Innovation in Africa

Ignite innovation and drive positive change with the Kofi Annan 2024 Award. This esteemed grant recognizes and supports social entrepreneurs in Africa, fostering impactful solutions and contributing to sustainable development across the continent.

2. About:

The Kofi Annan Award for Innovation in Africa is a prestigious initiative established to honor the legacy of the late Kofi Annan by empowering social entrepreneurs. This award identifies and supports innovative projects that address pressing social challenges, promoting a culture of positive change and sustainable development.

3. General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Your venture must be a for-profit legal entity and incorporated for at least two years at the time of application.
  • Your solution is anchored in at least one African country.
  • The applicant must have existing contacts/presence in the country of implementation: country office or other permanent presence, subsidiary, long-term operations or partnerships in the country.
  • Your innovation clearly addresses one or more priority topics included in this call for applications.
  • Your innovation has more than 1 million people in the total addressable market.
  • Your innovation must beat least at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)stage; a validated prototype with user testing can also be eligible.
  • You solution should have a committed founding team with at least three full-time employees.

4. Geographic Focus:

The primary focus of the Kofi Annan Award is on social entrepreneurs operating within the African continent. The award aims to highlight and support initiatives that directly contribute to the betterment of African communities, emphasizing the importance of homegrown solutions.

5. Benefits:

The programme offers:

  • Acceleration Bootcamp: Nine(9) promising teams will participate in the inafullyvirtualWFP Innovation Bootcamp. During this boot camp, participants will have valuable opportunities to collaborate with technical and industry mentors who will provide expert guidance to refine further and develop their innovative solutions.
  • Funding opportunities: Ventures that successfully progress to the BootCamp stage will gain the eligibility to apply for equity-free funding, with the possibility of receiving financial support of up to EUR250,000 per innovation for a total of three awards.
  • Sprint programme: The three ventures selected to receive EUR250,000 in equity-free funding will also be welcomed into a WFPSprintProgramme. This 12-month acceleration program grants access to mentorship, a global network of influential partners, and resources designed to expedite their growth and impact.

. Application Page URL or Contact:

For detailed application guidelines and to apply for the Kofi Annan 2024 Award, visit Kofi Annan Award. For inquiries, contact info@kofiannanaward.org.

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