One World Media 2024 Awards: Honoring Journalistic Excellence in Developing Countries

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One World Media 2024 Awards

Shine a spotlight on impactful storytelling from developing regions with the One World Media 2024 Awards. This distinguished recognition celebrates the work of journalists committed to portraying the unique narratives of developing countries with journalistic excellence.

2. About:

The One World Media Awards are a prestigious acknowledgment of outstanding journalism that fosters a nuanced understanding of developing countries. Established to encourage fair and inclusive media representation, the awards highlight the vital role journalists play in shaping global perspectives.

3. General Eligibility Requirements:

Open to journalists and filmmakers globally, the One World Media Awards seek works that address social, political, or cultural issues in developing countries. Eligible entries include documentaries, news reports, and features that contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the developing world.

4. Geographic Focus:

The primary focus of the One World Media Awards is on journalistic works that illuminate the stories and issues within developing countries. This emphasis ensures a diverse range of perspectives and narratives, promoting a global understanding of the challenges and successes in these regions.

5. Benefits:

  • A unique opportunity to be recognised by some of the industry’s top professionals and to gain a wider audience for your work
  • The only Awards recognising excellence in international journalism and filmmaking specifically from and about the global south
  • They are established, with 32 years of providing a platform for important stories to be shared and celebrated

6. Application Page URL or Contact: For detailed submission guidelines and to participate in the One World Media 2024 Awards, visit One World Media Awards. For inquiries, contact

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