Empowering Women Engineers: Orica Women Engineers Program by YCAB

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Orica Women Engineers Program by YCAB

The Orica Women Engineers Program by YCAB is a comprehensive initiative designed to bridge gender gaps in the engineering field. Through mentorship, training, and networking opportunities, the program strives to empower and support women engineers in their educational and professional journeys.

In Indonesia, females account for only 2% of total students in STEM-based Vocational High Schools. Hence, in YCAB’s collaboration with Orica, an Australian-based multi-national corporation, an engineering program was developed to provide innovative online training and mentorship to 100 high school science teachers and 7,000 female students to inspire them to pursue careers in the STEM industry.

Target Beneficiary

7000 students & 100 teachersProject Period

Oct 2022 – Sep 2024

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