The 2024 Global South Arts and Health Envoy : Elevating Emerging Leaders in Arts and Health

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The 2024 Global South Arts and Health Envoy

Dive into the convergence of arts, health, and leadership with the Global South Arts and Health Envoy Program 2024. Tailored for the emerging and exceptional leaders of today, this program offers an avenue to channel artistic endeavors into health and well-being initiatives, ensuring a brighter, healthier future.

2. About:
The Global South Arts and Health Envoy is a unique program that bridges the gap between arts and health. It recognizes and nurtures the potential of young leaders who are keen on employing the arts to address health challenges in their communities, paving the way for innovative, interdisciplinary solutions.

3. General Eligibility Requirement:

  • Emerging leaders aged 18-35.
  • Demonstrable experience in arts, health, or related sectors.
  • A passion for harnessing the arts for community health and well-being.

4. Geographic Focus:
Specifically focused on the Global South, which includes nations from Africa, Latin America, and most of Asia.

5. Benefits:

  • Comprehensive training and mentorship from experts in arts and health.
  • Opportunities to lead and participate in regional and international projects.
  • An expansive network of like-minded professionals and leaders.
  • Potential for financial and logistical support for their initiatives.

6. Application Page URL or Contact:
For further details and application procedures, visit: application link.

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