WEMA Bank Hackaholics Digital Summit 2023: Pioneering Digital Transformation in Banking

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WEMA Bank Hackaholics Digital Summit 2023

The WEMA Bank, a forerunner in innovative banking, proudly presents the Hackaholics Digital Summit 2023. A groundbreaking event dedicated to shaping the future of digital banking solutions, it invites brilliant minds to make their mark.


The Hackaholics Digital Summit is an annual event by WEMA Bank that gathers tech enthusiasts, developers, and creative thinkers to brainstorm and develop solutions for the challenges faced in the banking sector. It’s not just a competition but a breeding ground for next-generation banking solutions that can be implemented on a global scale.

General Eligibility Requirement:

  • Participants should have a deep interest in technology and digital solutions.
  • Previous experience in creating or innovating digital tools for sectors, especially banking, will be a plus.
  • Teams or individuals with unique, scalable digital banking solutions are encouraged to apply.

Geographic Focus: While the event focuses on solutions for global banking challenges, it emphasizes African banking scenarios, making it particularly relevant for participants from Africa.


  • A chance to network with industry leaders and pioneers in the banking and tech sector.
  • Opportunity for winning solutions to be adopted by WEMA Bank or other interested financial institutions.
  • Exposure and potential funding for standout innovations.
  • Intense mentoring sessions and workshops with experts.

Application Page URL/Contact: WEMA Bank Hackaholics Digital Summit 2023 Application

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